Corporate Social Responsibility

At MEO Jewelry, every aspect of our business requires taking the widest view of the manufacturing supply chain. We can only place diamonds into their exquisite pave settings after we have verified each stone’s quality through rigorous sourcing. We tightly control the plating process so that our pieces remain bright long after they have left our factory and our clients’ stockrooms. A key to our continued success has been to always look up- and down-stream, avoiding potential delays, identifying new efficiencies, and anticipating customers’ needs.

As committed corporate citizens, we see Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) simply as a deepening of our core capacities. We apply the same attention to detail, commitment to quality, and openness to innovation that has made us a manufacturing leader to the world around us. We ensure that our silver is not only of superior purity, but also from recycled sources. We measure our responsibility not only in final comprehensive QC checks and timely shipments, but also labeling that encourages consumers to properly dispose of our biodegradable polybags. CSR at our factory is not a discretionary program or philanthropic side project, but the essence of our company culture and our mission to maximize the positive impacts of our business operations for all stakeholders.

MEO's SHINE initiative is a coordinated, all-encompassing scheme to ensure our factory’s responsible manufacturing, community engagement, and environmental sustainability. Specific programs range from operating our facility according “4Rs” approach (Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, and Recovery), to our reliance upon on-site solar cells for power, to our use of advanced technologies to convert waste products into new raw materials for other local industries (agricultural fertilizer; construction materials; low-cost amulets).

Our company aims to serve as a living laboratory for developing, testing, and implementing solutions that address some of the most challenging bottlenecks that inhibit the jewelry industry’s progress towards greater environmental sustainability. MEO SHINE continually analyzes our factory’s processes and the greater value chain in order to actively seek out further opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint, enhance our contribution to the community, and redirect resources towards alternative uses.

Thailand's relatively weak environmental law and lax enforcement of existing regulations risks encouraging irresponsible, inefficient, and unethical waste management practices in the jewelry manufacturing industry. Recognizing that meaningful, lasting environmental protection can only succeed through the coordinated efforts of the private industry, the public sector, and civil society, with each stakeholder facing a unique set of challenges and opportunities to effect change.

As an innovative, dynamic, agile SME, we at MEO Jewelry recognize our unique position to drive change forward. We hope that MEO's SHINE initiative and exemplary performance will offer an actionable and transparent program of “best practices” that other suppliers in the Thai jewelry industry and partners in the global value chain can adopt, adapt, and advance in an industry-wide push towards greater environmental sustainability.



Responsibly accounting for all impacts of our business upon our partners, customers, and community.



Seeking comprehensive solutions that address the interests and concerns of all stakeholders in the supply chain.



Responsibly accounting for all impacts of our business upon our partners, customers, and community.



Practicing dedicated environmental stewardship by prioritizing recovery, recycling, and sustainability throughout the production process.



Developing a transparent, replicable, and actionable model of superior corporate citizenship to drive growth and increase value across the jewelry industry.