Corporate Social Responsibility


All company policies formulated to uphold and promote the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

All factory operations performed according to Responsible Jewellery Council member guidelines for safety, sustainability, environmental protection, and labor rights.

Non-confidential single-sided documents bound as notebooks and donated to local rural education foundation.

Scrap metal from all production processes retrieved and recycled by a European-certifiied metallurgical company


Plaster donated to a local orphanage for recasting as decorative figurines and outdoor planters decorated by students.

Casting with recycled gold and recycled silver, sourced from a European-headquartered supplier, available upon request.


All excess silver and gold collected and recycled by a certified recycling facility that specializes in precious metals.


Excess wax donated to organizations for use in base metal casting projects

Rubber from wax molds repurposed as a component for petroleum production


All stones ethically sourced and certified conflict-free by carefully vetted supplier base.

Lab-Grown Diamonds available as an additional sustainable option.


All plating chemicals collected, pre-segregated, efficiently treated, and safely disposed of by certified water treatment facility.

All copper rods and wires used in plating collected and recycled by local specialized facility.


100% biodegradable polybags, made of plant-based materials, available as an eco-friendly option


Reducing the impact of our own production process is a bright beginning, but the truly sustainable future that we wish to see will depend upon the commitment, ingenuity, and imagination of all members of our supply chain, industry, and community.

It is with the vast potential of these stakeholders in mind that we have developed our S.H.I.N.E. initiative, a new platform for innovation in responsible jewelry manufacturing. We hope that you will join us as we together #craftchange.