Q : Units produced per month?

A : On average, we produce a total of 70,000 – 90,000 pieces per month, and can easily accommodate 110,000 -130,000 pieces per month with our current personnel. Of course we work with high flexibility, are happy to grow alongside our clients, and can increase our capacity at a sustainable pace, if required.

Please note that each design has different production requirements. Manufacturing two-tone handmade cocktail earrings in a brand’s signature matte would most likely require greater resources than simple stacking rings. We are happy to provide information about our capacity to produce specific items upon request.

Q : ODM minimum order? Can these be split across plating colours?

A : Our minimum order quantity for our ODM designs is 30 – 50 pieces per design. These can be split across plating and/or stone colors.

So, for example, you might order 10 silver pieces, 10 yellow gold vermeil pieces, and 10 rose gold vermeil pieces for a given design.

Q : OEM minimum order? Mold charges?

A : We encourage clients who wish to produce their own OEM designs to please get in touch so that we can provide further information regarding minimum OEM order quantities.

The mold fees for OEM production depend on the complexity of the design, but prices generally range between 80 – 150 USD. We waive all relevant mold development fees for customers who place orders of 200 pieces or more for that particular design within one year of the final approval of that design’s sample.

Q : What materials do you work with?

A : We work with 925 sterling silver and 9k/10k/14k/18k gold.

We do not work with brass, stainless steel, or other metal alloys.

Q : Shipping methods?

A : We ship by UPS, DHL, and Fedex, depending on the customer’s preference.