Q : Quality Control (QC)?

A : MEO Jewelry’s reputation rests on both its high quality workmanship and efficient delivery times. These two key aspects of our business fundamentally depend upon the same scrupulous, multi-step QC process.

Our QC team inspects every single piece at each step of production (wax injection, casting, filing, stone setting, polishing, plating, packaging, etc.), and before shipping. This close attention to QC not only ensures the quality of the final product, but also allows us to identify and avert the type of potential problems that, if left unchecked, might cause more serious delays further down the production line. As a result, we are able to consistently meet all shipping deadlines.

Suffice to say, QC is our highest priority.

Q : In-house materials testing?

A : Our quality assurance team tests all products against our own set of rigorous quality standards, along with whatever additional requirements our customers specify. We have several machines and chemical treatments to accommodate various testing and quality control processes, namely:

Casting Department: silver and gold purity tests (via Fischerscope)

Stone Grading Department: diamond authentication (via Presidium Multi-Tester)

Plating Department: tarnish tests (via Oxidizer) and thickness tests (via Fischerscope), along with daily inspections of all plating solutions (via Fischerscope)

Q : Regular Factory Audits?

A : As a member of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Thai Gems and Jewelry Association, we are audited by local authorities and other bodies every 6 months to ensure our compliance with the industry’s best organizational, corporate, and environmental practices. For example, 

We also request relevant documents from our suppliers to certify that their products are ethically sourced. For example, we make sure that our diamond suppliers adhere to the Kimberley Process, which works to prevent the distribution of conflict diamonds in both rough and polished forms.

In addition to the above-mentioned regular local audits, we have also been audited by individual customers, and encourage new customers to visit our facility for a tour.